Your total safety is our top priority.

Every team member. Every plane. Every flight. Those words embody our Unparalleled commitment to safety at Aviation Charters. That’s why we always:

  • Employ full-time and fully-trained crew members with years of experience
  • Voluntarily exceed all minimum FAA and manufacturer standards, both on the ground and in the air
  • Ensure our Pilots are FAA-rated Airline Transport Pilots with more than one hundred thousand hours of collective flight time and proper certifications for every type of aircraft they fly
  • Our pilots train every six months to maintain the highest standards for all aircraft operations, international and over water operations, instrument weather flying, comprehensive safety and security protocols, as well as FAA and company mandated policies and procedures
  • All of our pilots are licensed to handle hazardous materials
  • We thoroughly vet the pilots and the operators before booking any third party aircraft

This unmatched level of safety is also epitomized by our Aircraft Management program, which gives aircraft owners the full confidence that their aircraft are always airworthy. Every jet and plane we manage is given a pre- and post-flight service check, and we spare no expense when it comes to the parts and maintenance required to meet or exceed FAA safety standards.


Led by our Director of Maintenance with over forty years of experience, our Mechanics hold FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Licenses, and our Maintenance Inspectors hold proper and up-to-date FAA Inspector Authorizations.

John McKeever - Asst. Chief Pilot Aviation Charters

John McKeever Director of Safety & Chief Pilot


26 Years

John enjoys cleaning house on the Poker table, and lives for traveling and vacation time.

Aviation Charters Safety

We are always interested in meeting exceptional men and women who are committed to the same culture of aviation safety, service and satisfaction that we are. If you have a true passion for flying and seek a flexible and fulfilling career, apply for one of our open positions today.