Backed by a Love of Flying.


Aviation Charters, Inc. was founded in 1985 to provide safe, comfortable, personal, on-time travel for our valued clients. Your Aviation Charters team is comprised of exceptional men and women who are committed to a culture of aviation safety, service and satisfaction. Our highly trained and experienced FAA-rated flight crews have collectively amassed more than one hundred thousand hours of flying time in Commercial, Corporate and Private aviation. And our ground personnel are hired and trained to exceed industry standards for education, maintenance and customer service.

Aviation Charters Team


Jon Gruelle - CEO

Jon Gruelle CEO

Jon is a second generation pilot with a lifelong passion for aviation and twenty years of business and executive leadership experience.

Paul Weiss and President and Director of Operations

Paul Weiss President & Director of Operations

Paul is an Airline Transport Pilot and an A&P Mechanic/IA with thirteen years of Air Carrier Operations leadership.

It is truly a privilege to be a part of this progressive and thoughtful organization. Our staff has an unwavering dedication to safety and customer experience which is the key to all decision making at Aviation Charters. I look forward to showing all of our valued clients the power of “Yes”

John McKeever Chief Pilot

John is an Airline Transport Pilot who oversees the training and certification of each of our pilots for every type of aircraft they fly.

The Aviation Charters difference lies in the dedication and positive attitude of our staff. Our flight crews, dispatch and maintenance personnel all have the drive to see our company grow and succeed by supplying the highest level of customer service in the industry!

Becky Smith - Director of Charter Sales and Logistics

Becky Corson Director of Charter Sales and Logistics

Becky oversees all planning and coordination of Aviation Charter flights, and she sets the standard for outstanding customer service and communication at every client touchpoint.

“I love working for Aviation Charters because I am surrounded by highly driven and knowledgeable people who genuinely care about the safety and service of every flight we perform.”

We elevate aviation to an art form.

Since mankind first took flight more than a century ago, the title “Aviator” has been used to distinguish pilots that are in a class all their own. The extra level of skill, dedication and safety it takes to achieve this title is what we demand of every pilot who sits in our cockpit.

Our team of FAA-rated Airline Transport Pilots have collectively amassed more than one hundred thousand hours of flying time and have each surpassed the Argus and Wyvern standards. Each Aviation Charters pilot is type-rated by the FAA for every type of aircraft they fly, and each holds the proper certification for those aircraft.


Our Aviators train every six months to achieve and maintain our higher standards of experience and safety. Each pilot logs simulator time to hone their skills on aircraft operations and instrument weather flying. They are tested regularly on operator policies and procedures, as well as proper international and overwater operations. All participate in live drills to apply and execute their knowledge of proper safety and security protocols, and each is trained and qualified to handle hazardous materials.

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Aviation Charters holds itself to a higher standard of customer service. This starts with a smile, handshake and warm welcome for each passenger, and it extends to the comfort and service our pilots provide from departure to destination. Because service is just as essential to The Power of Yes as every other aspect of your trip.


Paul Weiss President


Falcon 900EX, Falcon 2000LXS, Pilatus PC12, PA 34

13 Years

Paul enjoys flying for fun, riding trails on his dirtbike, and boating with family and friends.

Andrew Hofford - Chief Pilot Aviation Charters

Andrew Hofford Pilot


King Air 350, Falcon 2000, and check pilot on PC12

6 Years

Andrew loves to play Paintball, and enjoys Gardening, visiting Aquariums, tackling DIY Home projects, and playing with his Dogs

Kyle Lehrhoff - Pilot - Aviation Charters

Kyle Lehrhoff Pilot


BE40, Pilatus PC12

9 Years

Outside of flying, Kyle enjoys surfing, snowboarding, hiking, and riding motorcycles with his close friends and family.

Mike Hodel - Pilot - Aviation Charters

Mike Hodel Pilot


Falcon 900

15 Years

Mike plays golf, enjoys riding motorcycles, and traveling to new destinations.


Our Aviation Charters team is comprised of exceptional men and women who are committed to a culture of aviation safety, service and satisfaction. If flying is both your passion and your current or desired profession, click below to apply for one of our open positions today.