Tucked beneath a range of vast, steep-sided mountains is one of the most picturesque locations in the Rockies – Telluride, Colorado.

Born of America’s Wild West days, this former mining town has grown to become a first-rate ski resort. But unlike many of the ritzy ski destinations in the Rocky Mountains, Telluride has managed to retain its laid-back and unassuming character.

Combining dramatic scenery, rich history, luxurious lodgings, and some of the best mountain sports in the country, this jewel of Southwestern Colorado poses itself as the perfect getaway destination.

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Telluride is the front row seat to the majestic mountain views of the Rockies.

Nestled snugly in the cradle of a box canyon, the town is flanked by towering peaks and cascading waterfalls on all sides.

Telluride is actually at different elevations. Old-world charm meets new world affluence in Telluride proper, where you’ll find Victoria-era mansions, clapboard shops, and historic buildings alongside boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and art galleries.

And then there’s Mountain Village – perched 9,500 feet above sea level is an ultra-modern complex of European-style architecture, ski-in/ski-out hotels with state-of-the-art amenities, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Telluride’s biggest draw is obviously its world-class ski slopes.

The town’s main attraction, Telluride Ski Resort, boasts over 2000 acres of skiable terrain. The resort has 148 trails that cater to skiers of all skill levels, although the majority of them are best suited for people with experience on the slopes.

But even if skiing isn’t your thing, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Telluride Ski Resort. The resort encompasses the bustling town of Mountain Village. Originally built as a quaint respite from the slopes, Mountain Village is now home to numerous shops and restaurants lining cobblestone streets.

The trip from Telluride to Mountain Village is made even more memorable by the gondola ride, which provides breathtaking views from an altitude of 10,500 feet. And the best part is: it’s completely free!

There’s always something to do here, no matter what time of the year it is. The town’s numerous hiking trails and world-class festivities attract visitors from all over the country.

Ask the locals on the gondola, and they’ll tell you they came for the slopes but ended up staying for the summers. No other place compares to Telluride in the summer, when breathtaking azure skies and unparalleled peaks frame every scene.

The warmer months also play host to children rafting down the San Miguel River, cyclists and hikers taking to the trails, and residents and visitors alike visiting the museums, galleries, and boutiques along Main Street.

Telluride offers a refined alternative to Colorado’s more popular tourist destinations.

With its tight-knit small-town vibe, scenic splendor, and abundance of locally-owned shops and restaurants, this charming mountain town is ideal for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

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