Tucked away in the eastern waters of the glistening Caribbean Sea is one of the world’s most stunning islands shared by two countries – St. Maarten and St. Martin. For more than three centuries, the French and the Dutch have coexisted peacefully in this sliver of paradise. St. Maarten is a part of the Kingdom of Netherlands, while St. Martin is a French collectivity.

On the Dutch side of the island, you’ll find enormous resorts, large boardwalks, bustling beach bars, and late-night casinos. The French part, on the other hand, has a very laid-back vibe; its harbors full of brilliantly colored boats and cottages built into cliffs evoke images of a Mediterranean fishing village.

Every year, throngs of tourists flock to St. Maarten to bask in the warm Caribbean breeze, soak in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the best of both worlds --- colorful island culture mixed with elegant European charm.

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    St. Maarten will steal your heart and quickly become your favorite travel destination. This island might be small, but it packs a punch! If your ideal vacation mainly consists of swimming, sunbathing, and sipping cocktails by the beach, you’ll find plenty of locations on the island to just chill – from completely deserted beaches to seaside resorts teeming with people.

    For those who prefer to really get into the water than just wade through it, the island also offers a wide variety of fun and thrilling activities you can easily access. Rent a jet ski. Paddleboard into the sunset. Or kite-surf in Le Galleon. No matter your age or preferences, there’s something for you in St. Maarten.

    The clear blue waters of the Caribbean are truly breathtaking, but it’s not the only sight to behold. Head to the beach at sundown to witness St. Maarten’s magnificent sunset. Explore the unique views of the island’s volcanic landscape. Go on a sunset sailing cruise. Drink rum. Gamble. Sample the island’s cuisine that is as diverse as its people.

    If there’s one thing that sets St. Maarten apart from other Caribbean islands, though, it’s the sheer number of shopping options it offers. And because the island is completely duty-free, there’s no need to worry about taxes or customs fees. It’s the perfect place for some luxury retail therapy!

    Make your St. Maarten getaway a vacation to remember by participating in one of the many events that take place on the island. Depending on when you visit, you may be able to experience one of the city’s famed festivals. Speed down the world’s steepest zipline.


    Come in April or May, and you’re likely to catch the St. Maarten Carnival, the region’s longest and biggest event, with a Grand Parade that goes around the city of Philipsburg. Vibrant colors, sumptuous cuisine, and people in the most spectacular costumes – you’ll definitely have the time of your life.



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    St. Maarten

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