Whether it is for business or pleasure, there is a level of prestige that comes from saying, “I’m going to New York,” and that prestige is elevated even higher when you say, “I’m going to New York on a private jet.”

Are you traveling to New York soon? Own that prestige. Book a private flight to New York through Aviation Charters.

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the center of the universe

Often labeled as the center of the universe, especially in terms of finance, culture, fashion, the arts, and (of course) nightlife, thousands of visitors come to New York every day for various reasons. But whatever the purpose of your travel maybe, once you set foot in The Big Apple, you – like everyone else – will find its unique vibe and eclectic charm too hard to resist!

New York has its fair share of must-see places that attracted people from all over the world even before the advent of Instagram: the humbling skyscrapers of Manhattan; the hectic and unbridled energy of Times Square; the stunning and historic Grand Central Terminal; the lush greenery right smack in the middle of the city that is Central Park; and of course, the colossal Statue of Liberty across the Hudson River on Ellis Island.

Culturally-rich travel experience

To those who seek a culturally-rich travel experience, nothing will come close to NYC.

From movies to music, from theatre to Broadway, from large museums filled with historical artifacts and world-famous works of arts to smaller galleries catering to budding artists – you’ll find them all here!

New York culture, though, does not only revolve around history, music, theatre, and the art; but also fashion. While there’s absolutely no shortage of luxury brand houses and big-name designers in the city, you’re also bound to find plenty of vintage stores, small boutiques, and discount shops here so get ready for a shopping spree!

As home to citizens from different parts of the world, New York teems with cultural influences that are sure to open your mind to new things and your palette to exciting flavors!

Indeed, New York is so much more than how it’s portrayed in TV shows and movies. Beyond the blinding flashing neon lights and the towering buildings, you’ll find a vibrant and bustling metropolis enriched with the diversity and culture of its people.

Whether you’re flying out for an unforgettable weekend with friends or you need to catch a last-minute flight for an important business meeting, Aviation Charters will take you to The Big Apple in unparalleled style and luxury!

Our private jets are outfitted with an array of amenities, so you can use your in-flight time however you please. Do you want to conduct a business meeting while cruising the skies? Or perhaps put your feet up and relax with a flute of champagne? Your wish is our command!

The sights and sounds of The Empire State are just a call away with the “Power of Yes!”

Eliminate the crowds and stresses of commercial air travel, and book a private flight through Aviation Charters today.
New York is waiting.


You’re going to New York. You’re going to deal with enough hassle maneuvering through the crowded concrete jungle. At Aviation Charters, we will handle the hassle that comes with planning your trip by providing you with complimentary concierge service. Make one call. Our concierge professionals will help you find your ideal private jet to New York as well as arrange every stage of your itinerary for you from your car service and hotel reservations to Broadway show tickets and everything in between. We’ll worry about logistics. You while you worry about which shops on 5th Avenue you’re visiting first, or how you’re going to open your business meeting.

Open a private prepaid account with our Top-Flight Concierge Club and have even faster access to this level of service with absolutely no extra service fees or obligations like other private jet club memberships.

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Taking a private jet to New York through Aviation Charters means you also receive that unmatched level of service from every member of our flight crew that makes every passenger feel at home. We are a family-friendly and pet-friendly charter service that extends the Power of “Yes!” to treat every passenger with the highest level of care.

Our level of service is only matched by our level of safety. Each of our private charter aircraft we use is held to the highest standard thanks to our team of dedicated expert aircraft mechanics, and each flight is flown by our top-rated aviators.



So, what are you waiting for? Explore our list of options below and book your private charter flight to New York through Aviation Charters today.

If you do not see your ideal flight option, give us a call at (877) 988 6868 and we’ll work with you personally to secure that flight for you

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