Boston. Home of the infamous Red Sox is a perfect getaway for baseball and east-coast lovers alike. Aviation Charters takes you to the home of the infamous Boston Tea Party.

Boston is a perfect destination to travel with the family, loved one, or a pit-stop in your east-coast tour during spring and summer. If you’re looking for a fall-winter wonderland trip, Boston is the place to be during the holiday season to experience its magical ambiance.

The Boston Marathon is a staple event. Enjoy a relaxing, stress-free, top-notch flight with Aviation Charters and get the rest you need to compete!

For baseball fans, Fenway Park is a must-see! Named “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark,” Fenway Park is a dream destination for many. Catch a game at the park and enjoy some cracker jacks and a Fenway Frank as you cheer on the Red Sox or the opposing team- we don’t judge. If you come during the offseason or when the team is at an away game, no worries! You can still take a tour of the infamous stadium.

If you’re a huge United States history lover, especially of the Mayflower trip, you can take a tour of Boston to Plymouth and learn all about the passengers’ quest for religious freedom by boarding the Mayflower II to see how well you could survive the trek!

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More of a Boston Tea Party fanatic?

Catch a live theatrical performance of the event that changed American history!

Boston is also linked to 11 presidents who either lived there, visited friends, gave speeches, etc. Go on the Path of Presidents to see how presidents such as John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson influenced Boston’s history, as well as their own.

Did learning about the Salem Witch Trials in high school spark some intrigue to see where this pivotal part of history occurred? Well, Boston is only 16 miles from Salem- perfect distance to take a day trip out to the Salem Witch Museum. You can take a stroll to the Victims’ Memorial and local Graveyard- perhaps a perfect trip to get into the “spooky season” mood.

Beer lovers can get a taste of not one, not two but 25 breweries!

Make it a day to remember (or not remember) with Boston’s Craft Beer Trail and visit some beer gardens alongside the breweries.

More of a wine lover? Check out the annual Boston Wine Festival happening January through March.

The perfect romantic getaway with your special loved one or the ideal girls trip to reconnect and bond over good food and wine.

Harvard’s Museum of Natural History

Take the family down to Harvard’s Museum of Natural History to see all walks of life that roamed the earth before us and see wildlife up-close-and-personal from different parts of the world.

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