Nextant 400XT (Beechjet N75TG)

Nextant 400XT

The Nextant 400XT is the popular Beechjet 400A re-imagined. It is one of the fastest aircraft in the sky, getting you to your destination quicker than anything else in this cabin size. It goes further, with an operational radius that puts new destinations within reach.
This elegant interior provides leather appointed seating for 8 passengers, enclosed lavatory, refreshment center with hot coffee, Collins Venue Entertainment System with individual video monitors, Airshow and WIFI.
Our Nextant 400XT has a range of 2000 Nautical Miles (*4 Passengers with NBAA Reserves) .
An elevation of nearly 7,850ft (2,400m) can make Aspen a challenge for any aircraft on summer days, not for the Nextant. The 400XT is capable of flying four passengers non-stop from Aspen, Colorado to Teterboro, New Jersey on a 15 ̊C day. (IFR Reserves – 100nm (185km) alternate)

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